Sole Survivor Harness Belts

For anyone wanting to add a little extra oomph to their belt collection, without spending a whole lot of money, check out the Harness Belts from Illinois’ Sole Survivor. Inspired by “the art of harness and saddle hardware,” the belts feature a variety of not-so-average buckles and closures, all of which are hand-forged in the US. There are well over a dozen styles to choose from, and prices range from $56 – $64 per. Giddy up.

For price and purchase info, visit Sole Survivor.

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  • Ryan

    Bought a S.S. Snap belt for my Navajo belt buckle. It remains one of my favorites. Great leather, even better price.

  • Matt

    Any tips on sizing for these? According the the sizing instructions I should be buying a 38, but I usually wear a 36 belt for my 34 pants. Emailing them didn’t help so I may have to call…