TWOTHIRDS Sabon Cardigan

Fun fact: not only is organic cotton less harmful to the environment than conventional cotton, it’s softer too. In addition to being highly poisonous (to everything), chemical pesticides also break down cotton’s fibers, significantly reducing their smoothness. Organic cotton, however, has all its fibers intact, giving it a much silkier hand. Which makes it ideal for products like the Sabon Cardigan from San Sebastian’s TWOTHIRDS (took a minute, but I got us there). Cut and sewn in the EU from 100% organic cotton, the shawl collar Sabon is a handsome and velvety layer, that’ll keep you warm and cozy this winter and beyond. Two colors are available, and the price per (minus the VAT, plus the international shipping) is actually pretty good.

For price and purchase info, visit TWOTHIRDS.

  • Alf-Tobias Zahn

    I also love clothes of TWOTHIRDS. We just recently published a blogpost about the label at our Designmob Blog (sorry, just in German):

  • Pete

    Yeah, pretty nice stuff.
    Diggin’ their video:

  • Pete

    While the video above is for their fall/winter stuff of this year, via the Designmob blog post I found pics of twothirds spring collection look book:

    Awesome mixture of rough and sophisticated.