Good Giving: 40 Under $40, pt. 5

Welcome to part 5 of the 2011 Well Spent holiday gift guide. 40 items, low on cost, high on quality. The 6th and final post will be up this afternoon. Enjoy!

Artex Knitting Mills Knit Caps
Various materials, including wool and acrylic
Made in USA
Best Price: $7.00 and up at Amazon

Seattle Sundries Shave Soaps
Made using “only natural ingredients with no synthetic fragrances or dyes”
Hand-mixed, cut and packaged in Washington
Best Price: $9.50 at Seattle Sundries

Weck Lunch Kit
Glass, stainless steel and rubber
Made in Germany
Best Price: $12.00 at Heath

Paukstukai Double Sided Bow Ties
Various materials, including linen, cotton, and wool
Double sided = two ties in one
Handmade in Lithuania
Best Price: $21.00 at Paukstukai

Bambu Adjust-a-Bowl
Manufacturer’s description: “Shape it, fold it, or even roll its edges to modify its size for whatever you put in it”
Made in the USA from sustainably harvested cork
Best Price: $33.00 and up at Bambu

Portel Felt iPhone Sleeve
Wool felt, leather and brass
Made in Estonia
Best Price: $34.00 at Portel

PocketToolX PIRANHA Pocket Tool
Heat-treated, 420 stainless steel
Made in USA
Best Price: $35.00 at PocketToolX

  • dan dao

    Dude. Best one yet.

    • Brad

      Thank you, sir.

  • oxford cloth button down

    That hat is great.

  • Alasijah

    Lovin’ the Portel felt iPhone case! must have.