Newberry Knitting Lined Wool Gloves

I’ve been wearing the same pair of Newberry Knitting Lined Wool Gloves for about three years now, and have only good things to say about ‘em. They’re warm (wool / nylon ragg on the outside), they’re comfortable (kitten-soft polymide boucle on the inside), they’re functional (tactile deerskin on the palm), they’re well made (handcrafted in upstate New York), and, they’re affordable ($25 per plus shipping). Almost makes we wish my first pair would hurry up and wear out, so I could pick up a second. Almost.

For price and purchase info, visit Buckshot Sonny’s.

  • bill

    what’s the sizing like? they only make two sizes: standard men’s and standard women’s. i have small hands and don’t know which to get.

    • Brad

      Order the woman’s.

  • Curt

    Your forgot to mention the raccoon/wool blend gloves

  • oxford cloth button down

    Those look great.I might have to try out a pair.

  • Dave

    Do you know where to find the ones in the picture you posted? Looked around on Buckshot Sonny’s and the Newberry site and couldn’t find any that looked exactly the same.

  • Jon

    Anyone know how the raccoon blend feels like it? Is it really as they say, second to cashmere? Or would I be better off getting the wool/nylon.

  • Ari

    just spoke to folks at Newberry…their site is down for online shopping but I called the number on the site and spoke to a very sweet customer rep.

    Also, she explained that the raccoon blend is a higher quality yarn, but lacks a lining, so is slightly less warm. I went with the ragg wool.

    thanks, WS!

    • Brad

      Thanks for the intel Ari!

  • AJ

    Thank you Ari for the info!

  • temison

    Mr Brad, I realize this is a really *old* article (given the ever continuous flow you provide on your cool blog), and I’ve no idea if you skim through your old stuff, but if so, would you be able to give me a sizing advice in regard to these gloves? I’ve been lucky enough to have come across a store that has them in stock. They have two sizes available: Women’s (7-9) and Men’s (10-12) – don’t know if Newberry uses numerical sizing, but the said store does. Judging from the supposedly most relevant just-below-the-knuckles measurement they advise, which in my case is 8.25 inches, I ought to take Women’s (7-9)… say what? o_O I am a male, and I have what I would call an utterly medium-sized hand of an adult male. Which size should I go with in your opinion? I’d really appreciate your expert input :-).

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