Reigning Champ Polartec Baseball Jacket

Typically, I’m not a fan of polar fleece. But, if any garment could convince me to give the fabric a second chance, this is probably the one. The Polartec Baseball Jacket from Reigning Champ is expertly crafted in Canada from 100% polyester Polartec Thermal Pro. Touted as Polartec’s most “technically advanced” fabric, Thermal Pro is breathable, quick drying, machine washable, and, has “the highest warmth-to-weight ratio of any fabric Polartec has ever offered.” Sounds pretty good, actually. Details include a zip front, shrunken shawl collar, two pockets on the belly, and stripes on the sleeves and hem.

For price and purchase info, visit Haven.

  • aaron

    If only it came in grown-up adult sizes.

    • Brad