Stormy Kromer Button Vests

I’m trying to think of all the silly puns fashion mags / websites use when writing about vests. “Take a vested interest.” “Go Vest” (instead of West). “Get down!” (like a down vest). Anyway, I’ll spare you the wordplay, and stick to the facts. The Button Vests from Stormy Kromer are made in the US from 100% virgin wool, will last a lifetime, and cost under $100. All of which makes them a great investment. Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. The linked to store below has ‘em for cheaper than the brand.

For price and purchase info, visit Hycreek.

UPDATE: Since publishing, the item has been re-listed with new images / colors. New link here.

  • David

    Here’s a fixed link –

    • Brad

      Thanks David. They literally re-did the page in the last 24 hours.