The Friday Find: Stormy Kromer Sale at The Working Person’s Store

What’s on sale RIGHT NOW.

Admittedly, the markdown on these isn’t all that impressive (18%). But, the hats are cheap enough to begin with, that I figured what the hell. Besides, when was the last time you saw Stormy Kromer on sale? Answer: you haven’t. There are seven colors to choose from, all of which are expertly made in the US from 100% recycled wool. Remaining sizes vary by color.

For price and purchase info, visit The Working Person’s Store.

  • the passenger

    I really like these hats—I have two. Got a charcoal one a few years ago from Cabela’s (happened to be on sale at the time) and then last year Orvis had a special one (Orvis x Stormy Kromer?) in medium gray with a red and green windowpane. That one was originally $60, which was ridiculous, but I waited and waited and eventually they marked ‘em down to $30.

    One of the best things about them is that they are available in traditional hat sizing. My head is in that zone where “large” is too tight and “extra large” is too loose, so being able to specify my exact size is wonderful.

  • oxford cloth button down

    I have always been a fan of these hats. However, being younger (or looking younger)I often worried that they it will look as if I am playing dress up. This might be the year I give one a try. Nice find.