Maggie’s Organics Cotton Crew Socks

Exposed ankle season is all but over, so I guess it’s probably a good time to start thinking about socks. The Organic Cotton Crew Socks from Maggie’s Organics are made in a family owned factory in North Carolina from certified Fair Trade and organic cotton. Designed with versatility in mind, the medium-weight socks can be worn with boots, wingtips, and just about everything in between. There are three tri-packs to choose from (raspberry-navy-forest, navy-natural-black, and all black), and each’ll run you around $20 with the shipping.

For price and purchase info, visit Lucky Vitamin.

  • Emil

    I have a few pairs of these and they are awesome. They keep their shape and elasticity and “cushiness” really well after lots of washing, which I think is surprisingly rare. We’re going to start carrying them in the Hickoree’s shop soon.