Engineered Garments Brookline Quilted Jacket

Perfection is a relative term – what’s perfect to me, might not be so to you. So, when I say that the Brookline Quilted Jacket from Engineered Garments is perfection effing personified, know that I mean for me. But, probably for you too. One side is charcoal striped 85% wool / 15% nylon. The other side is 100% nylon with polyester quilting. The whole thing is put together in New York. And the fit and features are tops. Just brace yourself for the price; perfection ain’t cheap.

For price and purchase info, visit Odin New York.

  • Danny

    Holy! That is just the sort of jacket I’ve been looking for, but the price is a little tough.

  • Conor

    Yeah, that is a seriously sweet jacket. Any idea on the fit and whether it would be a decent cold weather option (or is it more of a blazer)?

    • Brad

      Fit is slim (like all EG). Temperature wise, I’d say it’s probably better for fall / early winter. Anything below 30 degrees might be pushing it.

  • TAG

    Hey Brad, I don’t mean to be snarky or anything, but do you really think $495 on a jacket like that would be money well spent?

    • Brad

      Eye of the beholder.