Heritage Research USN Deck Clip Jacket

So yeah, this is totally out of my price range. But, I’m still happy to drool over it for a sentence or two. The USN Deck Clip Jacket from English brand Heritage Research is made from a heavy-weight marled cotton blend. Based on US naval outwear from the 1940s, the jacket features a shawl collar, metal clip fastenings, “fluted bluff” pockets on the hip, and an updated-for-modern-audiences slim fit. London’s Number Six has it in two colors, and the international shipping is free.

For price and purchase info, visit Number Six.

  • Frank Frink

    Dude, it’s a sweatshirt. (Drool? Brace up, man.)

    • http://well-spent.com Brad

      Where’s the fun in that?

  • Frank Frink

    The fun in bracing up? It’s in not being a sap. Sweatshirts are fine. Expensive clothes, per se, are fine. Oversalivating at an expensive sweatshirt, no matter its collar or fasteners, is not fine. And I don’t mean for society, for the universe or for the church. I mean for the person oversalivating.

    It’s a cheap exoskeleton when you already have a spine.

    So: brace up and find something better to support.


    • http://well-spent.com Brad

      Really? Are you that serious about this? The bit about salivating was a joke. This is a blog about clothes. As such, I try to keep it light. Whether or not that warrants a character attack, well, I guess that’s up for debate.

      Thanks for reading,


  • Frank Frink

    Keeping it light: fair enough.

    (Over)salivating: I really did not think you were drooling on yourself. I did think that you were overly enthusiastic about something frivolous.

    Character attack: that was never my intention and if it was received as such, I take back whatever offended. I like your site and view it regularly. I like the work you do, in general.

    My intention was to point out the disparity between, say, the Artex wool hats and this sweatshirt. I find it difficult to link the two other than through some kind of effort at whimsy. Yet the site is called “Well” Spent, formerly “with a Conscience”. I am trying to find the thread.

    All that and my previous posts said, it is your work and your site and I salute you for that. I do not expect an answer or an explanation. Looking back at my posts, they were pot-shots. Not meant with malice. More a poke in the ribs.

    But if your site does not have some serious base, below the sense of play, what is the point? It seems that you do have one.

    • http://well-spent.com Brad

      Got it. I understand the seeming disparity.

      In a larger sense, yes, menswear is totally frivolous. However, I try to focus on who make the clothes, where, and out of what. That’s my “serious base.”

      The sweat in question is handcrafted in a small factory by people who’ve been handcrafting clothes almost their entire lives. The fabrics are from small mills that have been in operation for decades. As far as sweats go, this is one of the nicest on the market, and, its manufacture is providing work for people who otherwise might not have it. And so, if you’re trying to exercise Commerce with a Conscience, this is definitely money Well Spent (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

      Anyway, thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you like (most) of what’s on here. And I mean that.


  • Frank Frink


    Take care.

  • Max Schwartz

    Frank Frink? More like Frigging Freak. How about you shut up and leave people alone to appreciate what they will?