Original Montgomery Traditional Duffel Coat

Is the Traditional Duffel from Original Montgomery the perfect winter coat? Let’s go through the list. 1) It’s made in England by a company that’s been making duffels for almost 120 years. 2) The double-sided, 70% wool / 30% synthetic fiber fabric from which it’s made comes from Italy, is soft to the touch, completely pill-resistant, and warm as all get-out. 3) The details are great, and include saddle shoulders, an adjustable hood, detachable throat tab, and genuine leather closures with real buffalo horn toggles. And 4) Despite it’s quality construction and materials, the whole thing totals in at less than $250. Does all that add up to perfection? Maybe not. But it sure is close.

For price and purchase info, visit Duffle Coats UK.

  • Elmer

    Another great find. Unfortunately, I contacted Original Montgomery directly to inquire about the length of the jackets, and they are too long for a short guy like myself.

    In case anyone may be interested, the length on sizes 36 and 38 is 39 inches. All other sizes have a length of 40 inches.

    And if anyone has a tip on where to find quality jackets in shorter lengths, then let me know!


  • Andrew

    Well, this is scam.
    I ordered one, a month ago, but never received it. Support just didn’t respond to my emails, asking for tracking number.
    Now I have to deal with PayPal claims and they didn’t even respond to it!

    • http://well-spent.com Brad

      Hey Andrew,

      I’m sorry to hear that happened to you. Who did you contact at the company?

      I was emailing back and forth with sue.isaacs@montgomeryoutdoor.com

      Might be worth following-up with her about your situation?

      Please keep me posted on what happens.



  • Andrew

    Hey Brad,

    Yes I emailed to sue.isaacs@montgomeryoutdoor.com, sofiane.khelfaoui@montgomeryoutdoor.com and enquiries@dufflecoatsuk.co.uk.

    At first, they responded about sizing info and delivery, but after order was shipped (with tracking number as “.”) they start to ignore my emails.

    PayPal claim will end at Nov 10, I’ll update you on decision.


  • Andrew

    Finally, I was able to get in touch with them. After the month of waiting they contacted me.
    So, no, this isn’t a scam, but their customer service sucks.

    • http://well-spent.com Brad

      Thanks for the update Andrew.

  • jose

    I am going to london tomorow and i would like to know if there are a shop were i can buy one of this coats. It is a long one blue navy whith wooden toggles

  • John

    I have to agree with some of these posts. There’s a huge discrepancy between the quality of the merchandise (absolutely outstanding!) and the quality of the customer service, which is poor– and worse than poor, probably takes the profit out of some of the sales, by the time corrective action is taken.

  • Regina

    People….you can always have these coats shortened by a professional tailor. I ordered 2 of the shorter version and they were shin length( on me) however I still needed the sleeves shortened professionally. These coats are worth the money they have superior stitching and quality of fabric. I love mine. I was sick of purchasing trash with junkie linings. These coats are lines with wool outside and in with huge pockets inside as well. I can go into N.Y.C. now and not need to worry about wallet as it can be kept inside lining pocket. If you are spending money to look good then you should have no problem finding a good tailor to for alterations……you know!

  • Edison

    I’m 5’9″ will this coat be too long for me?