Hessnatur Tweed Cardigan

You’ve got the tweed jacket. After yesterday, you’ve got the tweed tie. Now, how about a tweed sweater? The Tweed Cardigan from Germany’s Hessnatur is made in a Fair Trade certified factory in Turkey, from sustainably harvested Australian virgin wool. Heavy enough to double as a jacket, yet light to still fit under one, the sweater will keep you comfortably toasty all season long. Three nubby as all get out colors are available, each of which is made with non-toxic dyes.

For price and purchase info, visit Hessnatur

  • ray

    Kind of weak. It makes sense at this point to hold off on all clothing purchases. I’m waiting for holiday sales next month where most of this stuff will be on sale Black Friday.

    • http://well-spent.com Brad

      Thanks for sharing.

  • Andy

    What exactly was weak about him posting this?

    Yours was definitely a contribution of dubious utility.