Howlin’ by Morrison Birth of the Cool Sweaters

The Birth of the Cool Sweaters by Belgium’s Howlin’ by Morrison (I’m sorry, but that is a ridiculous amount of words for a brand and item name), are cut and sewn in Scotland from pure Scottish lambswool. Not-too-thick, slim-fitting and simply designed, the exceedingly versatile sweaters will wear well anywhere you want to wear them (tongue twister!). Unionmade’s got ‘em, and the price per is pretty reasonable (for what you’re getting).

For price and purchase info, visit Unionmade.

  • Rodrigo

    Just, copped the cable knit, that blue and green fairisle is prettyyy dope, I just can’t see that style being anywhere as permanent….

  • Tim

    I would rather get a Shaggy Dog from J.Press for $15 more. Also made in Scotland.

  • Cory

    I like their scarves and hats more than the sweaters. Really nice stuff though.

  • Rodrigo Vasquez

    I own a shaggy dog and I would say the quality is equal to, but the fit is far more flattering…

  • anisa fadhila

    berapa ya harga satuan sweater nya?