O’Connells Lambswool Scarves

I can’t decide what I like most about the Lambswool Scarves from O’Connells. Is it that they’re made in England from 100% pure new wool? Is it that they come in wide array of beautiful tartans, all of which have been authenticated by the Scottish Tartans Society (’cause that’s totally a real thing, apparently)? Or, is it they cost an insanely reasonable $35 per. You know what? It’s probably that last one. But the other two are pretty great as well.

For price and purchase info, visit O’Connells.

  • Mike

    How’s the itch-factor?

    • http://well-spent.com Brad

      not for the ultra-sensitive skinned. but fine for everyone else.

  • Cory

    Nice. You know, each division of our military (including the Coast Guard) has an “official tartans” as well. And they’re not ugly. If you’re wondering why, well I don’t have that answer. But it’s the U.S. military: they aren’t prone to explaining their reasoning.