The Friday Find: Rogue Territory Safari Shorts

What’s on sale RIGHT NOW.

I know I have a habit of ending Friday Finds with some sort of sentence implying that the item is going to sell out (“get ‘em before they’re gone,” “get ‘em while you still can,” etc). And, I realize that a fair amount of the time, the items don’t actually do so. So, if you’ve grown somewhat incredulous, I understand (The Boy Who Cried Sell-Through). That said, these shorts will sell out. And soon. And it’s not because they’re excellently made, or they fit great, or they have a slew of nice features (although, all that is true). It’s because starting today, they’re only $45 (that’s 40% off, in case you were trying to do the math). Get ‘em before they’re gone. And this time I really mean it.

For price and purchase info, visit Rogue Territory.

  • anu

    i added them to my cart but they aren’t on sale – $76. do we need a promo code?

  • Tyler

    Looks like this is a little early. RT website still shows them at $75.

  • Brad

    @anu and @tyler

    Price has been updated. Go get ‘em.

  • Matt

    I think they actually sold out! Or I’m just missing something

    • Brad

      Indeed they are. Sold out yesterday afternoon.

  • Joe

    Shorts are ill-fitting. Not quite as slim as they look on the model. Would NOT recommend this.