Town Craft Classic BD Shirts

A part of me feels compelled to explain the whole history of Town Craft, and how it was a JCPenney in-house brand, and still is to some degree, but that these aren’t actually by JCPenny, and instead by a Japanese label that bought the licensing rights to the name, and that the label is owned by Sunny Sports creator Shinya Kitahara. But you don’t really need to know all that (though, I guess you kind of do know it now). All you need to know, is that the shirts are made in Japan from heavy-weight 100% cotton oxford, have a great slim-fit, a ton of really cool details, and only cost $115 (plus international shipping). You should also know they run really small, so make sure to consult the size chart. And, uh, yeah, I guess just forget the whole first half of this post.

For price and purchase info, visit Rakuten.

  • Eric F

    Can these be ordered without a proxy? I failed to figure out how to do that on the Rakuten site.

  • Brad

    Weird. There should be an option for Paypal at step 3.

    Try this seller:

  • mark

    I’m actually searching for the history of Town craft. I found some great vintage Towncraft shirts and would like to date them. Some of the fabric is a bit of a mystery to me as well. One in particular is really soft and I have no idea what it is.