Reigning Champ Shawlneck Pullover

Top four things about the Shawlneck Pullover from Reigning Champ counted down: 4) It’s made in Canada by CYC Design, a company that’s widely considered to be one of the best sweat manufacturers in North America. 3) The fabric is an exclusive recycled cotton-poly blend, that’s both heavy-weight and environmentally friendly. 2) The fit’s slim, and the details are minimal, so it’ll wear just as well with a button down as a tee. And 1) Look at it. Nice, huh?

For price and purchase info, visit Haven.

  • David

    Speaking of CYC, are Wings & Horn (or is it W&H now?) and Spruce still around?

    • Brad

      Yes on W&H. Still around. Still made in CA. Still impossibly slim. And still obscenely priced. Not sure about Spruce.

  • Yang

    From what I understand, Spruce became Wings + Horns.

    • Brad

      Thanks for the intel, Yang.