Aran Crafts Norwegian Crew Neck Sweater

What’s good about the Aran Crafts Norwegian Crew Neck Sweater in list form: 1. It’s made in Ireland by a company with over 50 years experience. 2. The 100% pure new wool from which it’s made comes from Merino sheep, so its extra soft. 3. The fit’s better than you’d expect (much slimmer than the L.L.Bean, that’s for sure). 4. There are multiple colorways, all of which are great. 5. It only costs $90. 6. Really, you need a six?

For price and purchase info, visit Aran Crafts.

  • James

    ‘ONLY’ 90 bucks?

    • Brad

      I’m sorry, does that mean you think $90 is too high? Irish-made, 100% merino for sub $100 is practically unheard of. Hell, China-made Merino-blend for under $100 is hard to come by.

  • dave

    Huh, looks like they discontinued these.

  • Simon

    I got the white one yesterday and an additional ‘Fisherman Crew Neck’ (both for € 120 with shipping). When folded they are as thick as my Timberlands are high. All in all pretty awesome but don’t underestimate the sheep-odor.

  • Liam
    • Brad

      Thanks Liam!