NorthernGRADE: Pointer Black Label Chore Coats

Of course, no NorthernGRADE 2011 wrap-up would be complete without a mention of Buckshot Sonny’s, the new store from my good buddies Max Wastler and Joe Gannon. The pair put together quite a selection for the event, the standout of which – for me at least – were the exclusive Pointer Black Label Chore Coats (that’s right, camo Pointers!). Unfortunately, they didn’t have my size. But, I heard rumor that a re-up is happening in the very near future, so hopefully that won’t be case for much longer (hint, hint). To see if they have your size, check out the just-launched BS e-store.

  • Patrick

    How’s the sizing on these? I’ve noticed that a lot of times with some of the more traditional workwear brands that it’s a good idea to size down 1 size to get a comparable fit to a fashion retail brand.

    • Brad

      Hey Patrick,

      I’m a medium in Gitman, WWM, Epaulet, etc. And the size small Pointer fits me PERFECTLY. Seriously, better than any other jacket in my closet, including my size 36 Barbour.

      Hope that helps,


  • Patrick

    Brad, Thanks for the help. Keep up the good work.