NorthernGRADE: Final Thoughts

What really makes NorthernGRADE great, is how unapologetically down to earth it is. It’s not about fashion. It’s not about networking. It’s about meeting the people behind the goods that shape your life. The items you have forever, and that mean more to you than any others. Simply put: NorthernGRADE is a celebration of craft. Despite the marked increase in vendors, visitors and press, the show maintained the same easy going atmosphere as its first year. And that says a lot. Not just about who’s there, but about why too. An enormous congratulations to everyone behind the scenes, and a huge thanks to everyone that came out. I’ll see you at the next one.

  • Larry Felitto

    Thanks Brad! Appreciate the kind words and can’t wait to see you again next year!

    • Brad

      Thank you Larry!

  • Max Wastler

    Nice job, Brad. Thing is, NorthernGRADE is just a great idea. I’m thankful to have twice been given the opportunity be part of something as grand as NorthernGRADE.

    • Brad

      And if it weren’t for NG, we never would have met. Awwww

  • Noah

    Great write up, Brad. You really got to the essence of what its all about in just a few words. I am quite thankful I had the opportunity to participate this year.

    • Brad

      Thanks Noah. Was good to see you there.

  • Darrin

    Very well put. My sentiments exactly. It amazed me how devoid of pretension NG was. It was so pure in the “I make this. I think it’s cool and I hope you do too.” sense. Certainly not the vibe one would get at NY fashion week, that’s for sure.