NorthernGRADE: Leather Works Money Clip Wallet

If, like me, you prefer your wallet on the slimmer side, then I’d definitely check out the Money Clip Wallets from Minnesota’s Leather Works. Not only are they excellently made (handcrafted in St. Paul from the same leathers Red Wing uses to make its boots), they’re also super affordable (prices range from $19 – $29, depending on the leather), and, thanks to their two external card pockets and namesake money clip, they’ll keep you organized too. Unfortunately, Leather Works is still in the process of building their online store, so no e-commerce yet. However, they’ll happily take orders by phone or email.

For additional info, visit Leather Works.

  • Nathan O’Malley

    Hello Well-Spent,

    We finally finished our website! Spread the word.


    -Nathan O’Malley, Leather Works MN.

    • Brad

      Thanks Nathan. Looking good.