NorthernGRADE: Dehen 1920 Shawl Collar Cardigan

I’m happy to report that this year’s NorthernGRADE was a rousing success. And to keep the magic alive just a little bit longer, I’ve decided to use this week’s blog posts to spotlight some of my favorite products from the event.

Not only is the Shawl Collar Cardigan from veteran Portland, OR knitwear-maker Dehen 1920 beautiful, it’s also one of the heaviest sweaters I’ve ever come across (seriously, the thing weighs multiple pounds). Another nice feature is that it’s almost entirely water repellent, thanks to the natural lanolin coating of the worsted wool used in its construction. Unfortunately, these won’t be available for purchase for another month or so, but, based on the samples they had at the show, I can assure you they’ll be well worth the wait.

For additional info, visit Dehen 1920.

  • CTP

    ballpark retail on these, please?

    • Brad

      Over $300, if I remember correctly.

  • Darrin

    I picked up the charcoal V-neck they had and now can’t wait for it to get colder. Their stuff was beautiful but it was when I picked up a sweater and felt that weight when I knew I had to have one.

    • Brad

      I envy your purchase.

  • Joel K.

    Picked up a Letterman and a V-neck sweater, the best I’ve ever seen. Also, James Clark at Dehen was a pleasure to deal with. Great company.

  • Gentleman’s Gazette

    They are definitely heavy and made on old world looms. The wool is heavy and a little scratchy but probably very durable.

  • Andrew W

    Those things were thick! I should have picked one up but had already blown my budget for the day.

  • US_Grant

    I’m curious as to the fit. Slim enough for a 36 short, 5’8, buck-thirty fella?

    Looks absolutely sold.

    Brad, keep up the good work!

    • Brad

      Thanks man.

      They only had the large at NG, so I’m not sure how trim the smaller sizes are.

      Once the collection goes live on the Dehen site, I’d shoot the co. an email for actual measurements.

      Thanks again,


  • breadandroses2

    This is just about the most perfect sweater. Any chance Dehen will make a womens line? A while back, I found an almost identical 1930s-40s era cardigan at the Sallie Ann (Salvation Army) thrift store in Wheeling, West Virginia, of all places. Tag gone but it well could have been crafted by Dehen. Good stuff.

  • DEHEN 1920

    I’ll try to answer all questions, but if there’s anything I’ve missed email

    CTP: Our sweaters start at $250 and top out with the pictured Shawl Sweater Coat at $395. Jackets run from $295 to $595 in the US.

    US_Grant: We’re sizing from Japan XS to US XL+ so we should be able to fit you. The fit on all our items is a modified vintage fit – slim, but with a few subtle changes to avoid the costume effect. When we update the “collection” part of our site in mid-October there will be a sizing chart for every style.

    Breadandroses2: No women’s line yet, but we’ve had a bunch of requests and hope to test a few things this winter. Lots of questions about women’s Varsity Jackets so that will probably be the first one we tackle.

  • mclark

    The sweaters are amazingggggg!!!!!