NorthernGRADE Bound

As I’m sure you already know, the Pierrepont Hicks / J.W. Hulme Co. curated NorthernGRADE market is this weekend. The two brands have put together a fantastic list of vendors this year, so if you’re anywhere within a six hour radius of Minneapolis, do yourself the favor, and make the trip. It’ll be worth it, I promise. I’ll be hanging out at the Left Field booth all day, so stop by and say hi. I’ll see you this weekend.

  • Jason

    Crazy – my first trip in years to the twin cities and it randomly coincides with this. See you there!

    • Brad

      See you tomorrow!

  • Jason

    (Your mailbox was full, so I’ll leave this as a comment)

    Great to meet you at Northerngrade this weekend. I mentioned that I’m in charge of the community read at the university where I teach, and the book I picked for last spring was right up your alley – in fact, I asked my section of students to read your blog, since it’s such a great parallel to what the author discusses. I have some extra copies in my office, and if you e-mail me your address, I’d be happy to send one your direction!

    • Brad


      Thanks for the note. I’m emailing you now!


  • Dane

    I just saw this and assumed it woud have been in NYC before seeing it was in MPLS. Had no idea, and I live hear.