Epaulet Single Prong Belts

Hey, did you hear that Epaulet started making belts? Well they did. And they’re great (no surprise there). Part of the store’s all-Maine-made “Sewn by Hand” collection, the Single Prong Belts “combine phenomenal materials with meticulous workmanship to yield a handsome and long-lasting item that gains character with wear” (works for me). There are three models to choose from (brown Chromexcel, black Chromexcel and unfinished English bridle leather), and each features an antiqued solid brass silvertone buckle, handsewn keeper with cream-toned waxed thread, and a super versatile 1.25″ width. Get ‘em while they’re still in stock.

For price and purchase info, visit Epaulet.

  • Eric F

    Everything looks great on these, except the keeper, which doesn’t lay as flat as it does on the Swedish military belt upon which these and several other recent models are based. And which Inventory sells, at a lower price.

  • http://after-the-denim.blogspot.com/ Simon

    Curious to know, Eric F. Why do you think that these are based on the Swedish army belts?

    To me these belts do not stand out, which Epaulet pieces normally does. But compared to the Swedish army belts you here get belts made with great leathers, and there isn’t any chance of leather dryness.

  • Eric F

    Simon, the buckles are very different, and I overstated my case. I was comparing the light bridle leather version, which is very similar: embossed line border, same tip. The only major difference is the Swedish belts (which age beautifully, but do want some conditioning) is the lack of a second, sliding keeper loop–but it’s a pretty basic belt design.