The Friday Find: John & Mary Classic Carryall Sale

What’s on sale, RIGHT NOW.

I can’t decide if a tool bag luggage set is jumping the shark or not. That said, American-made is American-made, and on sale is on sale, so who cares if it is (and besides, no one says you have to buy the whole set anyway). The Classic Carryalls from Los Angeles’ John & Mary are handcrafted in the Golden State from 100% cotton canvas and American leather. There are four different sizes available (and multiple colorways of each size), and markdowns range from 35% – 45% percent (the bigger the bag, the bigger the discount).

For price and purchase info, visit John & Mary.

  • Ted

    I really want to get this set, but I’m scared if it’s too feminine. Do you have any pictures of you using this bag or any of the other bags you posted? Thanks!