North Sea Clothing Expedition Sweater

With literally dozens of shawl collar sweaters to choose from these days, what sets the Expedition Sweater from North Sea Clothing apart? Firstly, the design is based on sweaters issued to the Royal Navy during during the First and Second World Wars, so it has a much more authentic fit and appearance (in case that matters to you). Secondly, the new pure wool yarns that it’s made from still have their natural lanolin coating, which makes the sweater almost fully water repellent (you have to admit, that one’s pretty cool). And thirdly, each Expedition is lovingly handcrafted by a family firm in Nottinghamshire, England, and comes guaranteed to last (you can’t not like that one). Add all that up, and I’d say the difference is clear (clearly awesome!)(sorry).

For price and purchase info, visit North Sea Clothing.

  • Tim

    Thinking about getting this. Do you know how itchy they are?

    • Brad

      Not too bad actually. The lanolin keeps it from being too rough.

  • Tim

    Great. Anywhere in the States to try one on? Want to make sure I get the right size. I’m usually a Medium (40) but want to leave room for layering too.

  • Mikey

    In America you can find them at Bench&Loom. Here’s the link:

    They fit snug and they are not itchy. They’re great.

  • Phil

    I too would like to see this sweater available in the US. Beware of Bench and Loom. Horrible, horrible customer service and return policy. Bad choice for North Sea Clothing.