Duluth Pack Scoutmaster Packs

In that’s a great idea news: the good folks at Duluth Pack are now offering their iconic Scout Pack in a larger, more suitable for modern needs size. Dubbed the Scoutmaster Pack (see what they did there), the bag features the same great guaranteed for life materials (15 oz. cotton canvas, mil-grade cotton webbing, domestically sourced leather) and construction (handmade in Duluth, MN), but with increased storage and better interior organizing. Three models are available (the Scoutmaster, the Laptop Scoutmaster, and the Scoutmaster Deluxe), and each comes in a whopping 14 colors.

For price and purchase info, visit Duluth Pack.

  • Isaac

    Nice pick. I was up in Duluth about a month ago (actually at the Frost River store too), and they had some samples out for display. The size and utility of them is very nice in person. I for one didn’t think the deluxe seemed to be worth it – at that price point you could graduate to a much nicer backpack. Their original backpacks, esp the leather-faced ones, are also a great buy, w/ plenty of colors.

  • http://duluthpack.com/ DuluthPackMolly

    Thank you for mentioning us! We appreciate your continued support of American Made. We have been in Duluth for 130 years so you know we can stand by our products. Folks are loving our new Scoutmaster series, it’s just tough to decide what color to choose! (out of 14!) Thanks again!

  • Audrey LaCrouix

    I’ve gotten my feet wet with the Scout Pack and took the dive with the Scoutmaster in Waxed Canvas. The Scout Pack is still new looking as my EDC bag and I am anxious to receive my Scoutmaster to use for work. Tough materials and well made!