Lodge Co. Belts

The only thing tougher than the belts from Boston’s Lodge Co., is deciding which of them I want to buy more. The label’s 10 oz. Chromexcel Baxter Belt (pictured above) and 10 oz. raw cowhide Standard Belt (pictured below) are meticulously measured, cut and finished by hand. Both promise decades of use (and to grow even more handsome as those decades go by). And, both total in at just under $100 (not bad for something you can plan on giving your grand kids). With the two so evenly matched, I guess the only reasonable thing to do is get one of each. I’m happy with that decision.

For price and purchase info, visit Ball & Buck.

  • MikeT

    nice! i didn’t see a width measurement on the website. do you know how wide they are?

  • http://www.gearunlocked.com David

    Beautiful. Great find!

    • http://well-spent.com Brad

      Thanks David.