Il Bisonte Braided Leather Bracelets

Yes, $88 for a bracelet is a high. But, if you think about it in terms of cost per wear, the pricing of the Braided Leather Bracelets from Il Bisonte isn’t actually so bad. The leather is premium Italian cowhide. The buckle is made by hand. And the whole thing is lovingly – and painstakingly – put together in Italy. Add all that up and you’re looking at least a decade of use. And if you divide that into $88, that’s just over two cents a day, which I’d call a deal. Four colorways are available, and you can get ‘em all at Unionmade.

For price and purchase info, visit Unionmade.

  • Rick

    I have had an Il Bisonte messenger type bag since 1985 and it looks even better now than when it was new.

  • Ben

    I’ve just gotten an Il Bisonte bracelet… Any tips on how to care for the leather? Should I just let it age by itself? Thanks!