Metsa Hand-Dyed Shirts

Leave it to the makers at Toronto’s Metsa to transform something as innocuous as a short-sleeve button-up into a full-on piece of wearable art (that’s actually wearable). After being assembled (in Canada), the shirts are dyed one-at-a-time using 100% natural and biodegradable colorants (indigo for the blue stripe, pomegranate for the yellow and a pomegranate / root madder mix for the red). The resulting hues give a subtle, worn-in feel, that, thanks to their eco-origins, will continue to evolve with wear and use. Each shirt is then finished with hand-rolled porcelain buttons made by the designer’s mother (seriously). And there you have it: an artisanal summer top that you don’t have to be overly artsy to wear.

For price and purchase info, visit Metsa.