Bracelet Market Bracelets

Though I usually prefer to keep things a bit more on the subdued side when it comes to what’s happening on my wrist, there’s a small part of me that’s taken on a big liking of the bracelets from Los Angeles’ Bracelet Market. Handcrafted by the designer from an array of vibrantly colored leathers, the bracelets are a nice way to add a little touch of go-to-hell to your summer get-ups. And, best of all, not a single one is over $5.00 (say what?), so no need to feel bad if you only wind up wearing yours intermittently (which I no doubt certainly would). Dozens of styles and colorways are available, and custom orders are also encouraged.

For price and purchase info, visit Bracelet Market.

  • Jacqualine Li

    I just did a google search on my store. I’m so surprised to see this post. My name is Jacqualine the girl who owes BraceletMarket!!
    Seriously, this is the best part when I do something Handcrafted and people like it alot.
    I’m so happy and thankful that my customers love my products. Thank You !! Thank You !!!

    We just open facebook page … check it out !!
    Fan Page * Braceletmarket

    • Brad

      If I remember right, you were a pretty popular out-click. Might want to think about getting Google Analytics for your Etsy page.