Deadstock O’Malley Sunglasses

In other crazy-low priced eBay find news: seller All American Deadstock is offering a nice selection of NOS “Classic O’Malley” Sunglasses. Though originally made somewhere between the 1980s and 90s (can you believe that 1990 was 21 years ago? Isn’t that insane!), the classically-styled glasses are still in pristine, unworn shape. Despite their age and condition, the seller is only asking for a piddly $12 per (and the shipping is free), making them way cheaper than any crap you’d pick up at Urban Outfitters (and probably far better made too). Two colorways are available (black and tortoise), and the quantities of each are surprisingly plentiful.

For price and purchase info, visit All American Deadstock’s Ebay Store.

  • Joy

    Thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely be picking up a pair.

  • Iris

    Agreed. These are totally major!

    • Brad

      Thanks. Glad you two like ‘em.

  • Chase

    I NEED these. Awesome.

  • Stan

    Vintage sunglasses for $12…lol That’s crazy cool.

  • Daniel

    Did anyone successfully order these? I got a message from paypal saying that they are holding my funds because the listing has been removed.

  • Fred

    Got the same message as you daniel, any news??


    Several of you have have may have received a incorrect message from paypal in regards to your order, but I can asure you that all is taken care of and your packes will be shipped according to plan. This message was a mistake on behalf of ebay. We are terribly sorry. Thank you for your purchases and please email us with any questions.

    • Brad

      Thanks for the update.

      @Fred and @Daniel, I hope that answers your questions.

  • w

    any more left?

  • Daniel

    @AMERICAN DEADSTOCK – thanks for the update!


    Thank you to all Well-Spent readers who purchased the O’malley sunglasses from us. As a token of our appreciation we included a little gift in each package for your enjoyment. Two pairs of shades is always better than one.

    • Brad

      Wow, that’s very, very nice of you.

      Thanks so much,


  • Victor

    Pure Garbage made in Korea. Not new deadstock as advertised. These are cheap sunglasses that they sell on the streets of New York for $2 ..

    • Brad

      Hey Victor,

      I bought a pair too, and I don’t know if I agree. While they’re not the greatest sunglasses ever made, I’d say they are better than the average junkers. The hinges are tight and substantial, the arms have metal reinforcements, and the lenses do a good job of keeping the sun out. I compared them to my girlfriend’s Cheap Monday sunglasses, and they’re noticeably nicer (and less than half the price).

      All that said, I am sorry you were unhappy with your purchase.




    I am sorry to hear that Victor is unhappy with his sunglasses. I would like the chance to clarify what the term dead-stock means as it can be a bit confusing.

    As many of you know, nothing is made in Korea anymore (especially sunglasses)…they are all made in China. These glasses were made prior to China’s stronghold on domestic goods and their quality is exceptional compared to what one might find in Urban Outfitters for example.

    Deadstock refers to clothing or other products that have never been worn, used or sold and have sat in inventory (usually a warehouse or stock-room) for an extended period of time (sometimes long enough to qualify the item as vintage or antique) and in the case of these sunglasses “vintage”. The term dead-stock is also used in conjunction with the abbreviation NOS. (New/Old Stock) it can also mean (Never Off Shelf). These items are rare and hard to find, so you can imagine why a box of re-discovered sunglasses from your favorite era are hot ticket item.

    We have an excellent return policy and we invite anyone to contact us via ebay, if their item is in some way different than they imagined it.

    PS. We live in New York and nothing gets sold on the street for $2.

    Heather C.
    Buyer at American Deadstock

  • jesse dziedzic

    Thats an all round well thought out blog…

    • Brad


  • Heather


    I wasn’t sure how to get in touch with you, but we have relocate. We are no longer on Ebay and I was wondering if you might update that info in your awesome post. I would really appreciate it. Please let me know if you have any questions. Please visit us at Thank you and have a wonderful day!

  • Erika

    Hi @american deadstock – my boyfriend recently purchased this item (o’malley) upon reading the comments, the last message was about you guys are no longer on Ebay? how’s that? is this just a confusion :( My boyfriend will be in georgia till Nov.13 and will be traveling back to asia. How will this problem be resolved :( Please let me know ASAP. I really love those o’malley’s :((

  • Erika


    I just got confused about heather’s post:
    Posted April 30, 2013 at 7:35 am | Permalink

    “I wasn’t sure how to get in touch with you, but we have relocate. WE ARE NO LONGER ON EBAY and I was wondering if you might update that info in your awesome post. I would really appreciate it. Please let me know if you have any questions. Please visit us at Thank you and have a wonderful day!”


    I panicked you guys. I really thought that they left ebay, when i just purchased their item not long ago.


    They are very much still on EBAY!


    I am very sorry for this confusion!

  • Vlad Blood

    Hey, is there any proof that those are not cheap stuff sold on every corner all around the world? No offense, they just all look the same on photos