Bagsaver Digicam Totes

Probably too good to be true, but, the seller of these bags claims they have 100% cotton bodies, heavy-duty nylon straps, and are made in the USA. And yet, they’re only charging $7 for the two (plus $3 shipping). I don’t know how the quality is (although the seller says quite good), nor do I know why they’re so low-priced (something about a small cosmetic defect on a few of the bags’ handles). Regardless, I thought I’d post ‘em anyway, in case they really are what they’re purported to be. Do with the info what you will, just remember to proceed with caution.

For price and purchase info, visit Bagsaver’s Ebay Store.

  • Hey19

    Hey, I know this post is ancient, but I had some of these bags, and they were great for random stuff, and I subsequently lost most of them, do you have any lead on where I could get more.

    • Brad

      @ Hey19 – Did some searching, but couldn’t find anything. Sorry.