A Closer Look: LAYERxlayer Cinch Tote

The good folks at LAYERxlayer were kind enough to send over one of their new beach-tastic Cinch Totes, and I’m happy to report that it is an absolute beauty of a bag. Meticulously handcrafted from American grown and woven denim (natural for the body, indigo for the bottom reinforcement and details), the tote is uncommonly tough, and yet, surprisingly lightweight (always a nice feature when it comes to portage, especially summer-specific). What’s most remarkable though, are the many, many details – both construction and cosmetic – found throughout. Lxl is a brand that has built its reputation on sweating the small stuff, dutifully examining every inch of their goods to find yet more opportunities for innovation. And that approach is clearly evident in the Cinch Tote.

A close-up of the strap ends and hand-quilted outer pocket. Note the beeswax on the tips, which is applied to prevent fraying.

Inside the quilted pocket – that’s inside-out denim, in case you’re wondering.

The bag’s eponymous cinch top, great for keeping sand out, and your stuff in. The nice thing about the top’s design is that the interior is still easily accessible even when it’s cinched, which is helpful when you’re on the move.

A denim slider for keeping the cinch top closed.

Beeswax on the tips of the cinch top’s rope.

There are three small pockets inside the bag, perfectly sized for your wallet, phone, sunscreen, or, in the case of the pocket on the right, a Cliff Bar.

The inside also has a denim key-holder – one of my favorite details.

All in all, I couldn’t ask for a better beach bag. It’s strong enough to handle the sun, salt and sand, and yet, light enough (both in weight and appearance) to still feel totally summery. I’m excited to see how it ages over the next few years. And, I like knowing that it’ll last that long (it really is exceptionally well-made). If you’re looking to invest in a summer bag that you can plan on handing down to your kids, then I highly recommend the Cinch Tote from LAYERxlayer. Thanks guys!

For price and purchase info, visit LAYERXlayer.

  • http://urbanadventurer.com/blog Emily

    Great bag. Nothing like a classic tote! I especially like how there is beeswax on the ends so it doesn’t fray! Excellent idea.