Anvil 50/50 Heather T-Shirts

The 50/50 Heather T-Shirts from Anvil Knitwear are responsibly made in South America from a 4.8 oz. 50% organic cotton / 50% post-consumer recycled P.E.T. polyester blend. Like the co.’s previously blogged all-organic tees, the 50/50s feature a slim fit, tube construction (no side-seams), and a jaw-droppingly low price. There are seven colors to choose from (twelve if you count the non-heathers), and each will run you about $13 shipped (I wasn’t kidding about jaw-dropping).

For price and purchase info, visit The Deal Rack.

  • David

    How’s the sizing? The Deal Rack’s sizing tab’s formatting is broken.

  • David

    Thanks for the legwork Brad :)

  • Kendra Shedenhelm

    Anvil does it again! Such a great company.
    Thanks for the post, Well Spent.

  • Justin

    I recently picked up one of these shirts. It fits perfectly and is super comfortable. My only concern is when I tug on the collar it feels as if it’s going to rip apart. Any thoughts on durability/longevity?

    • Brad

      Hey Justin,

      I have one of their all-organic tees and it’s pretty solid. Not last a lifetime solid, but definitely a good couple of years (it’s already on its 2nd).

      I’d say $12 for 2+ years of regular wear is a pretty good deal.