Archival Clothing Dry Duck Rucksacks

How do you improve upon perfection? Well, if you’re Archival Clothing, you add a handful of vibrant as all get-out colorways and knock $60 off the price. The co.’s new Dry Duck Rucksacks feature all the same bells and whistles as their now iconic original rucksacks, but, are made from heavy duck canvas instead of waxed twill. Not only does the new fabric come in an array of fantastic spring/summer hues, it also reduces the overall cost of the bag by a considerable chunk (I believe that’s what’s called a win-win). There are four colors currently up in the AC webshop (red, blue, tan and yellow), and two more (orange and dark brown) are on the way.

For price and purchase info, visit Archival Clothing.

  • Emily

    Rucksacks are great! Both myself and my boyfriend have them. They fit a surprising amount of stuff, and they come in so many great colors. This post is right, they are awesome! Also they are good for the summer months.