Sunny Sports Slip-On Sneakers

Some of you might hate these, and that’s fine if you do. I, however, would happily wear the hell out of them for the rest of the summer (and long after). For those who feel similarly: the Slip-On sneakers from Sunny Sports are expertly crafted in Japan using all Japanese materials. Available in two of the funnest (yeah, that’s right, funnest) patterns you’ll see this season, the shoes take go-to-hell to a whole new and wonderful level. Milkmade has them, and they’re on sale (huzzah!).

For price and purchase info, visit Milkmade.

  • Emily

    These slip-ons are really great! I love the bright colors and patterns. I think I will buy a pair for my boyfriend!

    • Brad

      He’s a lucky guy. Thanks!