Johansen Airlite Shoes

This, my friends, is a $110 American-made shoe. The upper is full grain leather (cordovan color, not actual Cordovan). The outsole is polyurethane. And the liner is a moisture-wicking synthetic (Cambrelle, if you want to get technical about it). The brand is called Johansen. They’ve been around since 1876, are based in Virginia, specialize primarily in women’s footwear, but, as you can see also make mens, and thanks to their military contract, do all of it here. How does a $110 American-made shoe fit? How does it age? I don’t know. All I know is that it exists. And now you know too. Do with that knowledge what you will (I’ll most likely be using it to pick up a pair).

For price and purchase info, visit Johansen.

  • Greg

    Those penny loafers aren’t half-bad.

    • Brad

      My thoughts exactly…

  • bork

    And they’re all available in steel-toe! In fact, you can get the steel-toed version even cheaper, on sale. I am not sure what possible scenario would have me needing a dressy brogue and worrying about heavy things falling onto my feet, but they really do have you covered for every eventuality here. :)