LAYERxlayer Charter Cinch Tote

The Charter Cinch Tote from LAYERxlayer is meticulously handcrafted from American grown and woven denim and heavyweight cotton webbing. Essentially a beach tote on steroids, the bag, as the label puts it, “just looks like summer,” but, thanks to its rock solid construction and heavy duty materials, can easily handle any of the other seasons too. In true Lxl style, the list of features could make a separate post unto itself. Highlights include a quilted pocket on the front, cinch top (which can be collapsed to give the bag a normal tote opening), multiple interior organizer pockets and slots, and hand-applied beeswax at key points to prevent fraying. Additional colorways are available (loving that patriot one), and every bag is made to order with a turn around time of one to two weeks.

For price and purchase info, visit LAYERxlayer.