Filson Black Label Twill Shorts

The Twill Shorts from Filson’s much coveted Black Label are punctiliously crafted in Italy from 100% cotton twill (yeah, you probably figured that last part out already). Featuring a slimmer cut than the standard Filson fare, the shorts are a nice option for anyone seeking that “Might as Well Have the Best” level quality, but without the dad-jeans fit. The list of details is practically longer than the shorts themselves; highlights include branded snap buttons, double-wide belt loops, and a whole big mess of pockets. Present London has them, and make sure you’re not sipping on anything when you look at the price, because you will spit it out all over your computer when you see it.

For price and purchase info, visit Present London.

  • Naturmode

    Really nice stuff. Is that organic cotton?

    • Brad

      I’m pretty sure it’s conventional. Would be great if they were organic though.