Instead of Rent: June, 2011

The moderately and (very) immoderately priced goods that I’d rather spend it on this month.

IOU Project The Real Madras Shirt
100% cotton madras
Low-impact dyes
Handwoven in Tamil Nadu, India
Cut and sewn in Italy
Best Price: $99.99 (SHIPPED) at IOU Project

Woolrich Woolen Mills Bush Short
100% cotton corduroy
Made in USA
Best Price: $230.00* (SHIPPED) at Oi Polloi

*Price is listed in Pounds, so the exact cost will be dependent on the day’s exchange rates.

Epaulet Sewn by Hand Cumberland Camp Mocs
Horween Natural Chesapeake leather upper
Rubber sole
Brass eyelets
Raw leather laces
Made in Maine
Best Price: $220.00 (FREE SHIPPING) at Epaulet

Norse Projects Hektor Nature Cap
100% cotton duck
Made in USA
Best Price: $72.00 (SHIPPED) at Norse Projects

Blue Planet Eyewear Recycled Sunglasses
100% reclaimed / recycled lenses, frames, hinges and details
Responsibly made in Taiwan
Best Price: $19.95 (PRE-SHIPPING) at Blue Planet Eyewear (doesn’t sell direct – visit the site to find a stockist)

What Knot Shop White Herringbone Sailor Bracelet
Hand-dyed cotton chord
Made in USA
Best Price: $11.70 (SHIPPED) at What Knot Shop’s Etsy Store

Tough Traveler Simple Le Pear Bag
100% nylon body
Rainbow webbing straps
Made in USA
Best Price: $42.50 (SHIPPED) at Tough Traveler (scroll down)

  • Lum1ey

    230 for shorts? 220 for mocs? damn.