Jojo Project Sneakers

A new name in the do-gooder footwear game, Belgium’s Jojo Project offers summer-ready sneakers with a side of philanthropy. Wanting to give their customers a more interactive role in the brand’s charitable doings, Jojo has every buyer choose one of the co.’s two environmental initiatives to receive a portion of the profits from their purchase. The customer can then track the progress of their donation through the Jojo site, allowing them to see exactly how their dollars are being used. As for the shoes themselves, they’re made in a (soon-to-be) Sedex certified factory in China using fair trade cotton, and are based on a design the founders came upon while traveling through South America. An array of colorways are available, and every shoe comes with a small patch on its back to show which of the two programs their purchase contributed to.

For price and purchase info, visit Jojo Project.