Regent Belt Co. Napton Tip Belts

The Napton Tip Belts from the UK’s Regent Belt Co. are exactly the kind of product that this site is all about: affordable, great looking, and made in the same factory (located in Northampton, England) using the same materials (100% cotton webbing, papaya leather and brass hardware) as they have been for decades. It is unfortunate that they have to be ordered from the UK, but, even with the international post and exchange rate, they’re still a good deal (about $45 per), and, if you want, there are ways to off-set the impact of shipping. UK seller Bromley’s is currently stocking six colors, and all of them are perfect for spring / summer wear.

For price and purchase info, visit Bromleys.

  • iain

    lovely looking belts for the price,c.h.c.m shop in new york has sold out but they might get a restock