What Knot Shop Bracelets

Few items are as intrinsically summery as the Turk’s Head bracelet. And though there are a bevy of makers to choose from, for my money, none are better than Minneapolis’ What Knot Shop. Crafted one at a time by the designer from a variety of fibers (many of which are hand-dyed), the bracelets offer an artisanal take on a classic summer staple. On top of being well-made, WKS’ bracelets are also dirt cheap, with prices averaging well under $5 per (you can even order a 10 pack for $20). Looks, quality, and affordability – see why they’re my favorite? Dozens of colors, widths and knot styles are available, and custom orders are also happily accepted.

For price and purchase info, visit What Knot Shop.

  • http://whatknotnow.blogspot.com/ George

    Many thanks for the review! To those of you who would like a custom made size please visit the Etsy shop and click on the “request custom item” button or simply use the conversation utility to contact me.

    You can also visit y blog site http://whatknotnow.blogspot.com/ to see what’s new and check out unusual designs or special orders made for my valued customers.