Brooks Brothers Extra-Slim Fit Oxford Dress Shirts

I can’t help but wonder why Brooks Brothers doesn’t do more to let people know they offer a range of $80-a-pop, US-made, extra-slim fit oxford shirts. Clearly, the co. has been taking aim at the young, lithe Americana set as of late, and yet, they do little – if anything – to spotlight that specific collection, leaving it one of the best kept secrets in menswear. Which is a shame, since they really are great. The fit is excellent (way slimmer than Gitman), the fabrics are nice and heavy (the kind you actually have to break-in), and the construction is top-notch (handcrafted in North Carolina). And then, of course, there’s the price – $80 a piece, or, three for $189 – which puts them in a class all their own. So, why BBros isn’t trying sell the hell out of these, I’ll never know. But, at least that means they’ll have your size in stock… for now.

UPDATE: Use coupon code 06FRIEND at checkout for 25% off your order – ends TODAY, 5/9/11. Thanks Jian!

For price and purchase info, visit Brooks Brothers (solids here, stripes here).

  • Brandon

    Much to my curiosity, the last few extra-slim fit sports shirts I purchased from Brooks Brothers were made in China, resulting in me sending them back.
    Nevertheless, thanks for the tip. I’ll have to check these out.

    • Brad

      Hey Brandon,

      Yeah, the bulk of the ESF collection is imported. However these specific shirts are made here – a US-made needle in a China-made stack, if you will.



  • Jian

    Really great shirts Brad, I’ve got a few in the closet myself. Right now you can also knock an extra %25 off with the code “06FRIEND.” Unfortunately it ends today.

  • Joe Wasserman

    Is the fit really that great? I thought I had read somewhere that even the “extra slim” wasn’t.

    • Brad

      Unless you’ve got a 36 inch chest, they’re very slim. I’m a medium a in Gitman (with room to spare), but had to size up to a 16 in BBros.

  • Clifford

    I had no problem with the quality of their shirts made outside the US. But if it’s a “heritage” thing then okay, I get it. Whatever. I’m just tired of people complaining about non-US made goods when they want to buy on the cheap.

    • Brad

      Personally speaking, it’s not that I want to “buy on the cheap,” but rather that my budget requires that I keep within a specific price range. At the same time, it’s important to me that my dollars help to keep jobs in the US. These shirts allow me to do both.


  • Kenneth Glanton

    Agreed these are great shirts- and it is strange that they are not promoting them, as they are targeting a younger crowd these days (and speaking for the southeast at least winning the younger crowd over). The shirts are quality and last forever- I have found several of these shirts at the outlet as well for $40.

  • ED

    Thanks for pointing out. Brooks Brothers has otherwise lost its soul — the vast majority of items sold there are now made in China. This is disgraceful and has caused me to abandon the store! When they start bringing in more products like these shirts I’ll come back.

    • Brad

      Hey Ed,

      I hear ya. On the upside, BBros has once again resumed making a number of their goods here, including suits, some shirting, and ties. There’s a whole section about it on their site:

      Unfortunately, those goods only make up a small portion of their total collection.