The Friday Find: WWM Maine Guide Jacket

What’s on sale RIGHT NOW.

I’m not sure why these didn’t sell-through, but they didn’t, so now they’re on super sale (and I couldn’t be happier about it). Still one of my all-time favorite WWM pieces, the spring / summer Maine Guide Jacket is handcrafted in the USA from a lightweight linen-cotton blend. Heavily detailed, but not ostentatiously so, and fitting like an effing dream, the MGJ is a warm weather outer layer you’ll want to keep wearing well after the warm weather is gone. Two colorways are available (with a handful of sizes left in each), and either can now be yours for a very reasonable $208 shipped (that’s the without-VAT price). Have a great weekend.

For price and purchase info visit Norse Store.

  • CTP

    thanks for the heads up on the RSS feed that you were changing the site…

    • Brad

      Hey Man,

      Sorry about that. I was under the impression that it would be a seamless transition from the old RSS to the new, and that CWAC subscribers would automatically become Well Spent subscribers. Turns out, that wasn’t the case. And, unfortunately, the redirect script bouncing CWAC visitors to WS won’t allow me to add any new posts to the old site. So, no announcement. Apologies for the trouble.

      Have a good weekend,


  • Josh

    Thanks for the tip – just ordered mine in navy!

    • Brad

      Nice one.

  • iain beattie

    i ordered the woolen mills upland jacket but they sent me the maine guide so be careful when ordering and would be worth sending them an email before despatch…it might have been a one off mistake but i was lucky i only had to send it back from the uk not the usa with hefty customs charges

    • Brad

      Thanks for the heads-up Iain.


  • The Country Fucker

    Whoa… what happened… Is this CWAC now? So confused. New digs look great though.

    • Brad

      Ha. Yeah. A little reinvention in celebration of Spring. Glad you found it okay.