South Willard California Winter Parka

I’ll let you know right off the bat: this one ain’t cheap. But hot damn is it a looker. And, considering that it’s a perfect three-season weight, plus built to last decades, I’d say the price isn’t totally unjustified (though it still does sting a bit when you see it). An exclusive to Los Angeles’ South Willard, the California Winter Parka is made in Seattle by the outerwear experts at Crescent Down Works. A refined, somewhat sportier version of CDW’s classic Montagne Parka, the jacket features a water resistant 60/40 shell, US-made Pendleton wool lining in the upper body and hood, brass snap buttons, and classic leather toggle detail on the hood fasteners. Three colorways are available, and, I’d be happy to own any one of them (donation button forthcoming).

For price and purchase info, visit South Willard.