Rivieras Mesh Slip-Ons

Some of you are going to like these, and some of you are going to hate them. Obviously, since I’m writing about them, I fall into the former. But, I can kinda get where you all in the latter are coming from. The Mesh Slip-Ons from France’s Rivieras Shoes are handmade in Spain. Based on a design that came out of the country’s Costa Blanca region during the 1950s, the shoes feature a canvas mesh upper, padded leather insole and rubber outsole. Referred to as the “ultimate vacation shoes” by their designers, the RMS-Os are a nice (though admittedly Euro) slip-on option for anyone looking for something a bit more sophisticated than TOMS or Vans this summer. New York’s CHCM has them, in Fourth of July ready red, white and blue.

For price and purchase info, visit CHCM.

  • A-K

    I fucking love these. Thanks.

    • http://www.commercewithaconscience.info Brad

      Right on A-K!

  • Michael

    Hey – just watch out with these, if you’re doing any walking (on concrete) the soles wear through incredibly quickly (I went through mine in 3 weeks..), and I don’t actually do that much walking…

  • George

    How can I buy the Rivieras Mesh Slip-Ons with shipping to Hungary? May be to pay with PayPal?