hessnatur Spring Shirting

I kind of wish hessnatur had better branding. I realize that might seem a little snobbish of me to say, but I sometimes think the co.’s website actually detracts from the clothes. The thing is, there really is no other label offering sustainable apparel that’s as affordable and well-designed as theirs. But, you have to be able (willing) to look past the sloganeering and cheesy model shots to see it. So, hopefully this post will help you to do that. Crafted in the EU entirely from organic cotton, and priced at under $100 per, the brand’s spring shirting collection is as responsible as it is reasonable. Styles range from classic oxfords, to casual flannels, to spring-weight chambrays, to patterned poplins, all with slim-but-comfortable fits and minimal detailing.

I’d definitely say that’s worth a second look.

For price and purchase info, visit hessnatur.