Crate Army Chinos

Am I nuts, or have men’s clothes gotten a lot more expensive? This season in particular, I feel like I’ve been in a perpetual state of shock ever since the spring collections started rolling in. And yes, I know that the price of cotton has doubled, and that good fabrics and construction will always yield a greater final cost. But, there still comes a point when an item’s expense feels beyond any justification. This is part of why I’ve recently taken such a shine to California’s Crate Denim. Though made in the US from quality materials, their goods often cost a fraction of what their competitors’ do. The brand’s Army Chinos are crafted in Los Angeles from heavyweight enzyme-washed cotton twill, and feature a front watch pocket, metal button fly, and a slim, tapered fit. A modern reinterpretation of the classic American military chino, the pants are a handsome denim alternative for spring, and, priced at a reasonable $110 per, one of the seasons’ most affordable to boot.

For price and purchase info, visit Four Horsemen.